• What is 'Meed"?

    'Meed' is a word meaning "a just or deserved reward". Meed Partners focuses on SPM, ICM, and Sales Operations, providing strategic consultation, bespoke design, development and delivery. Meed's animating focus is to continuously elevate the value proposition in this market. As the sage of Omaha, Warren Buffet, says, "Price is what you pay, value is what you get".
  • Services

    SPM Solution Design * TrueComp Performance Tuning * Quota and Territory Management * Readiness Assessments * Fixed Price Development for Agreed Requirements * Help with RFPs * Bespoke Development * HCM interfaces * SQL and Informatica Modules * Strategic and governance input * Team Management
  • Products

    Meed Partners is in the penultimate testing and development phase of their core product, the Compobulator Classic. A mid 2019 release is targeted, with alpha/trial inquires welcome come January of 2019.
  • Upcoming Events for Fall 2018

    World at Work Conference, Chicago August 20-22, see you there!

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After the start of a busy summer season, Meed Partners set up a program for college interns to participate in our current development projects. Currently Meed is providing multiple clients with design/develop/deploy services on SPM/ICM projects as well as investing significantly in the development of the flagship Compobulator product. A mid 2019 release is targeted, with alpha/trial inquires welcome come January of 2019.

Paul Devlin, the principal partner of Meed, weighed in on the intern program. “I felt it was an opportune path to engaging additional talent in the company’s work efforts while giving some meaningful, real world work experience for college age students of the information sciences. Today’s students are fortunate that these types of opportunities are more available than ever, and we were very pleased at the talent and demonstrated experience that our first intern group brings to the table.”

The first group of 3 interns began their orientation with Meed Partners in late July 2018, with background tours of the current internal software development at Meed. They are currently working on the myriad development tasks slated for the fall of 2018. Xiangzhen Sun, Darshit Chanpura, and Sam Gespass are all currently engaged in post graduate computer science studies. We welcome them joyfully to our Meed Partners milieu and look forward to the many learnings and achievements we will share.